What is all about?

Our project is concerned in to the testing operation of the future searching tool. This tool is primarily dedicated to the research with the methods of semantic analysis of the information.


The need of the automatic searching and parsing of the Internet content is known for many years. We can say that it has started immediately after the moment when the World Wide Web became an infinite repository of the information. To help us with the orientation many tools have been developed, both in the commercial and non-commercial field. In the first group we can find the tools which use the latest technologies with powerful computing performance however with the low possibility to set up the parameters of the search. In the second group we can find the tools, which focus much more into the scientific community and hobbyist. Our tool is trying to meet both banks of the river and relay the power of the first one and the complexity of the second one according to the needs of both.

Testing phase conditions

In the first phase of our test operation we will perform the collection of the data from the different points in the worldwide scale. The starting points were not selected randomly and the locations of the points will change in time according to our first experiences. Our aim is to find all the specific situations that we can face in the waste world of Internet.

Future of the project

This project does not have the ambition to become the competitor of the famous commercial searching tools. On the contrary it focus on the limited group of the users.

Who is it for?

We focus on the specific group of the users with the intention to provide a new approach to the information. All our activities will be in conformity with the basic ethical rules of the behaviour in the Internet area.


30th of July 2009 by Research Group TopicBot. This is the first version of the project. We will keep refresh this webpage as the project will continue.


You can direct your questions to topicbot@topicbot.awardspace.us